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Now you can enjoy the exquisite delights and the unmistakable flavors of Fresh Mediterranean Cooking at your next event!

The Shawarma Mediterranean Grill prides itself in delivering only the best meals prepared correctly, traditionally.

Your group will not be disappointed in your choice of Fresh, Healthy Ingredients.

Serving for 12 people. All Catering Packages come with Hummus OR Baba Ghanouj, Feta Salad, Rice, Spiced Potatoes and Bread.


Chicken Shawarma $175.99

Beef Shawarma $185.99

Lamb Shawarma $210.99

Shawarma combo Beef and Chicken $205.99

Shawarma combo Lamb and Beef $215.99

Shawarma combo Lamb and Chicken $215.99


Chicken Kabob (24 skewers) $190.99

Beef Kabob (24 skewers) $199.99

Kafta Kabob (24 skewers) $190.99

Lamb Kabob (24 skewers) $210.99

Combo Kabob Chicken, Beef and Kafta (36 skewers) $220.99

Combo Kabob w/ Lamb and two other kabobs (36 skewers) $229.99

Vegetarian Combo 36 Falafels $179.99


Tabbouleh $45.99

Feta $55.99

Chicken Shawarma $129.99

Beef Shawarma $134.99

Lamb Shawarma $164.99


Falafel (24 pieces) $26.99

Stuffed Grape Leaves (24 pieces) $26.99


Vegetarian Combo $179.99

36 Falafels


Baklava (12 pieces) $45.99